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Five Ways To Save A Marriage

@BishopJakes couldn’t have put it any better! #preach
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Strong Partnership


Pieces Of Me…

Photographed By Kasheem Daniels

Catch Me

Available crumbs of an edible size are gone and there is no longer a need for the parcel to be kept. It is tossed away alongside the piling items that met the different needs of others. But there in the outermost corner if the eye is a figure draped in worn clothing, quietly approaching the concealed assortment of tossed items. This figure held the attention of no one nor sought any regard. The items came and went out of sight. For a split moment the said parcel made its way back to the surface but with a quick shake it became understood that the original contents were depleted. With everything back in its place the figure, unhurriedly, began to drift away. A deep sensation hit with a strong impulse that could not be ignored.


For another parcel lay amongst the contents still of need.

He smiles and says “Thank you”

Fighting Chance

Paint a pretty picture and be sure to jot down how many strokes produced no streaks. How many whips of your brush was perfectly aligned and how times you stopped to ponder your next move.

A life in resemblance of perfection, with no flaws and no defeat; no struggle nor grief; no lack of recognizing the delicacies or discernments of another, evokes no authenticity.

Lessons are seasonal and continuous—one season alone will fail to shape an accurate notion of perseverance or relinquishment. Are you willing see another in every season? Or, will you crumble in the face of inconvenience?

The many wonders of a swift swish of the wrist; the palm motion of squashing and molding; the clasp of a colorful instrument…masterpieces are born!

Today a year ago I came home from work like any other day—drained and tired yet happy to be home. I was greeted with lots of love and soon sat down to enjoy a meal with lit candles. In the midst of eating and deep conversation he excused himself for a moment which didn’t appear out of the ordinary. He rejoined me and the conversation continued…just as fast as he sat came a moment that words can’t fully express, a moment of looking down, flickering candle light shining upon an open black box that gleamed so bright. But not brighter then my smile.

Happy Anniversary my love and thank you!

Not Now. Then When?

Heart is racing. Body contracting from knotting innervation.

The world has seen what you shielded from personal view—the contour behind the lens. Disposed before you as a canvas gifted to a sole artisan. Weakened at the knees as a new canvas is explored, different shades and colors with little to no outlining.

Expectations of consideration while while the creative juices are a flowing. The nerves just won’t let up. What if observation becomes dissatisfaction. Who will you turn to? One contour will lead to another and slowly the gifted canvas will be left behind.

Deep breaths…